Re: Microtek Scanmaker E3 Plus

From: Bernd Schroeder (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 09:35:41 PDT

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    > Well, I did exactly what you said and now the scanner is recognized by
    > scanimage. That is the good news, and thanks very much for the advice.
    > Now when I try to scan, test, or preview using scanimage or xscanimage,
    > nothing happens. Or rather, I give the command, the green "ready" light
    > on the scanner goes out, or blinks then goes out. The light eventually
    > comes
    > back on, but the program stays hung. So, I'm still stuck, but perhaps a
    > little further along the way.

    This symptom usually indicates a problem with the SCSI setup, maybe
    a resource conflict, or the interrupt used by Linux does not match
    the one configured on the SCSI card ( a good candidate to create
    this type of problem is a soundcard ).


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