sane: UMAX Astra 2200 SCSI problems

From: Kenneth E. Harker (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 08:52:33 PST

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         Maybe someone on the list can help me identify my problem...

         I have a UMAX Astra 2200 scanner that I would like to use with SANE
    under Intel Linux using the SCSI interface. My first attempt at this was from
    a 486DX4/100, 20MB RAM, laptop running RedHat 3.0 upgraded to a 1.3.100 kernel
    with a built-in Adaptec AHA-1510 SCSI-2 adaptor, using the aha52x.o driver
    and the the scanner at /dev/sga. Using scanimage from sane 1.0.1 and the UMAX
    backend (because of space limitations, I never tried to install xsane or the
    gimp stuff,) every scan that I made was off by a bit. I would get 1.5" to 2"
    of garbage at the top of the scan, and the scan would end about 1.5" to 2"
    from the bottom of the 8.5" x 11" page.

          I have since acquired a Pentium 166 tower workstation with 32MB RAN,
    and installed RedHat 6.1 on it, upgraded to a 2.3.46 kernel. I acquired an
    Ultrastor 14F SCSI-2 EISA card, installed it, and am using the 14f_34f.o
    driver, with the #defines correctly set for this particular card's firmware
    version. The scanner is once again /dev/sga. I installed sane 1.0.1, with
    the sane-umax-1.0.1-build-18.tar.gz patch applied, and xsane 0.57. I am
    seeing the _exact_ same behavior using both scanimage and xsane. Except, in
    xsane's "preview" grabbing, the garbage accounts for over 2/3 of the length of
    the scan. During an actual scan, I can watch the scanner head, and it doesn't
    start moving until more a second or two after the "Acquiring RGB data" (or
    whatever it is, exactly) progress bar starts filling up with green. The
    portion of the glass that does get scanned is being scanned accurately, though:

          ( (~200K)

          In both cases, the scanner was the only device on the SCSI chain.
    I actually have two SCSI-2 (high density 50 pin) to SCSI-1 (DB-25) cables,
    and have tried both. I am terminating the chain at the scanner end using
    the external terminator (DB-25 connector) that came with the scanner.
    I have tried plugging the cable into both of the DB-25 connectors on the
    scanner. Nothing is connected to the scanner's USB port or to the SCSI-2
    card's internal 50-pin connector.

          a) How would I be able to tell if the scanner is really broken? I do
    not run Windows at all, and my Macintosh is pre-Power-PC, so the software
    it came with won't help me.

          b) Could this be something like active termination vs. passive
    termination on the SCSI bus? The scanner is obviously using passive

          c) Do I need to terminate the "internal" 50-pin connector on the
    SCSI card if I don't have a hard disk or CD-ROM drive on it? How would I
    do that?

          Any other ideas to get this working?

          d) and on another note - there's no power button on this thing, and
    the scanning bulb stays lit _all_ the time. Is that normal?

          Thanks in advance for any help!

    Kenneth E. Harker      "Vox Clamantis in Deserto"
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