Re: Xsane-0.55: scan resolution selection (Epson 1200S, CVS Sane)

From: Dave Hill (
Date: Sun Feb 20 2000 - 13:46:17 PST

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    Karl Heinz Kremer wrote:
    > No need no apologize... Thanks for the explanation, but it came
    > a bit too late :-) I have tried this and since yesterday it's in
    > the repository. XSane does display the complete list (32 values)
    > an it starts with 50 dpi (it does however set the preview resolution
    > for a full page scan to 60 dpi).

    I realised afterwards that the "20 items and > 50" only applied
    if xsane made up the list.

    Yes, it works, but disables the slider entirely in xsane and
    xscanimage. Looks like you can't have the best of both worlds
    (a list of resolutions that match the ones the scanner likes
    or the ability to choose any resolution from the slider).


    Dave Hill, Kempston, Bedford UK
    Sicth munce ago, I cutn't evun spel enjuneer, and now I are one!

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