Re: SCSI Cable (Some comments and questions)

From: mendes (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 13:17:19 PST

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            I have just seen the discussion on the list about SCSI Cable. Although
    I am not an expert I find the solution of having different cards from scanners
    and disks a good solution. In my setup I had to move the HP Scanjet (Oliver, I
    am not using my old Umax T-630, I gave up trying to upgrade the bios) to an
    adaptec 2906 and my other devices to a TEKRAM 390F. Only in this way I've got
    the scanner working ok. Before that the scanner messed up the whole scsi bus.
            Please note that TEKRAM 390F doesn't have an external 50 pin so I had
    to buy a 50M-50F and attach to the scsi cable in order to have a "fake" 50F
    external connector. It worked, but as I said the scsi bus went crazy.
            Question: How does this TERMINATION (passive or active???) works? Does
    Scanjet need ones? I am clueless....

            Many thanks



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