Re: detrammage

Klaus Espenlaub (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 15:17:19 +0100

Philippe Amelant wrote:
> hi, i 'am french and i don't speak english very well so
> please be indulgent.
> i vould like to know howto make a "detrammage"
> i don't know the english word to say that...
> this operation is required when you scan from mag
> else you obtain an ugly image...
> i hope you understand what i mean ...

In gimp you can use the despeckle filter (Filters|Enhance|Despeckle).
I normally turn off all fancy options (adaptive and recursive) and
use a radius of 5 (you can lower this if you scan at lower resolutions).
Caution: the despeckle filter takes ages if you have large images.
If somebody knows a faster filter that looks reasonable, please tell

I scan at the highest reasonable scanner setting (usually 600dpi), then
apply the filter. I usually scale the image down to 300dpi or lower
to save space - the printers cannot print at these resolutions anyway.


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