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Dave Hill (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 08:49:06 +0000

Philippe Amelant wrote:
> hi, i 'am french and i don't speak english very well so
> please be indulgent.
> i vould like to know howto make a "detrammage"
> i don't know the english word to say that...
> this operation is required when you scan from mag
> else you obtain an ugly image...
> i hope you understand what i mean ...
> thank

Hello Philippe,

I think that you mean "descreen". This is to get rid of the
nasty pattern that you get when scanning a magazine or
newspaper image. It is caused by the dots that make up the
image interfering with the scan.

If you are using GIMP as your image processor, there is a
descreen filter in "Filters -> Enhance -> Despeckle" that
will go the job.

If you don't have GIMP, you can try softening the image if
your backend drivers supports it, or for a last resort, try

Carefully (!!) place a suitable sheet of glass on the scanner
bed and put the image on top of that. Scan as usual. The glass
will slightly defocus the image and remove the pattern. Be very
careful not to scratch the scanner's own glass!!

Dave Hill

Dave Hill, Kempston, Bedford UK
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