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Kevin Charter (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:39:45 -0600 (MDT)

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> Kernel: 2.2.10
> Sane: 1.0.1
> Scanner: Agfa Snapscan 600
> SCSI: Adaptec AHA1505AE
> After my system finally recognized my snapscan 600, I tried scanimage,
> xscanimage, kscan (compliation of xsane failed...). my scanner showed some
> raction (LED blinking etc.), but no scanning at all. no... there was one
> single successful attempt with xscanimage, but this was the one and only
> (although I didnt change anything).
> if I use the command scanimage -v the system returns:
> scanimage: scanning image of size 2539x3420 pixels at 24 bits/pixel
> scanimage: acquiring RGB frame, 8 bits/sample
> P6
> # sane data follows
> 2539 3420
> 255
> and that's all. no further action. after some minute I press ^C to stop it.
> scanimage -T says: FAIL NO DATA.
> Thanks for help!
> Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Which version of the SnapScan backend are you using, and which version
of SANE do you have? Which kernel are you running (I assume you are
running this on Linux)?

If you are using the backend that comes which SANE 1.0.1 with a series
2.2 kernel, there is a bug that prevents the backend from working with
the new generic scsi driver. This is fixed in an updated backend
available at

You should get backend version 0.7. The newer experimental releases
may not work for you.

Let me know if this fixes things,


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