I need a new feature for epson-sane

Jordi =?iso-8859-1?Q?Mart=EDnez=20Mar=EDn?= (jordimm@jet.es)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:27:42 +0200

Recently I have bougth an Epson GT-7000Photo scanner. I decide buy this
scanner after searching in SANE list of supported scanners, because I
that the Epson GT-7000 was supported. I need this kind of scanner
because I need
to scan slides and negative films.

The Epson GT-7000Photo is a standard GT-7000 scanner plus a film adapter
slides and negative films. The GT-7000 works fine with SANE, but not
works with the film adaptor. The film adapter is like a cover with a
light projector device, and it is plugged to the scanner with a 8-pin
connector (similar to PS/2 connector). When this connector is unplugged,
all works well, but when I plug it, xsane or xscanimage show an error
("failed to start scanner: invalid argument") then not respond and seems

I think that was not difficult to add this feature in SANE epson-sane
but I don't know about programming drivers for do it for myself. I
believe that
when send an inquiry to the scanner we can determine if the scanner have
the film
adapter connected, and in this case could appear a new option in the
mode menu (
binary, grey, color and FILM) or activate it and send the corresponding
signal to
the scanner to switch-on the adapter light and other signal after the
scanning to
switch-off the adapter light and modifying the scanning area to the film
adapter area (the Epson twain driver for windows works like this. When
it detect the film adaptor, two more scanning modes are activated from
the Epson-twain menu: slides and negative film).

I'am really grateful if anybody could help me. I have not installed
MS-Windows in my home PC and I don't want do it, I'm very happy with

Thank you and excuse me for my very bad English.


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