New HP ScanJet Plus driver
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 14:27:09 -0700

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I have updated the HP ScanJet/ScanJet Plus driver to work with the
2.2 kernels. The latest release can be found at:

The version number is the Linux kernel version the driver was made
for. I'm running 2.2.7 on my system, but the driver ought to work
with any kernel from the 2.2 series.

Also, since I have an _original_ HP ScanJet I've a patch which makes
sane-1.0.1 work better with this scanner:

There are actually three unrelated changes in this diff.

The first is a change to hp-scl.c which uses the [ESC]*s3E command to
retrieve the model of the scanner and stores this in the faked inquiry
string. Not very important but it's kind of nice to see a proper
model name instead of just "MODELx".

The second change is in hp-handle.c, it moves the
sanei_hp_scl_inquire(... SCL_DATA_WIDTH ...) call (that the original
HP ScanJet doesn't support) from outside the switch statement into the
HP_SCANMODE_COLOR case where data_width is used.

Finally, because the original HP ScanJet only handles 4 bits of
grayscale and nothing else in the SANE packages seems to understand
the format SANE_FRAME_GRAY with a depth of 4, I've made a really ugly
hack which which detects if the scanner wants to use grayscale and
expands the 4 bit data into 8 bit data on the fly. This code is
really ugly and I'm not sure if it deserves to live, but it is kind of
useful for me since I have such an old scanner.

I'd suggest that the first two changes make it into the sane sources
since they ought to break nothing and fix a few things. I'd like it
if the the third change makes into the sources too, but it's up to the
sense of aesthetics of the maintainer. Which brings me to the
question, who should I talk to to get this into the sources?


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