Re: Release early, release often

Kevin Charter (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 20:14:31 -0600 (MDT)

> [Nick Lamb]
> > Does someone have the TIME to do the thankless donkey-work required
> > for Release Early and Often on a big project like SANE?
> I beleave a CVS repository with write access to all maintainers would
> make it easy to release often. Anyone can do 'make dist' at any time
> to generate a distribution and upload it to the ftp site.

Given that the individual backends are independent and change a lot
faster (or should, anyway) than the SANE core, this makes sense to
me. It would take a lot of the load off David if he didn't have to
assemble patches for various backends (or other sub-projects) himself.

I'm not convinced that it's a good idea to give all maintainers the
ability to create whole releases though. Perhaps having a couple of
people with that authority would be sufficient to avoid the bottleneck
problem? Is there a way to give maintainers restricted write access,
say to just the part of the package they are responsible for?


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