Re: Possible xsane bug?

Adam Williams (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 01:15:03 +0000

> > When I use the copy function of xsane 0.29 it only produces the "bottom"
3/4 of
> > the page. In scan mode it seems to work correctly. My sane is 1.01 and my
> > scanner is a HP 4c. Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious (I
> > tried endless setting diddles).
> >
> Hi Adam,
> I tested it with my umax scanner and everything works fine.
> Is your zoomfactor to large?
> If you select scan mode: do you select the resolution with a slider
> or from a list?

The zoom factor on the slider is at it's default of 1. I discovered I have to
put the page in the middle of the scanner, even if I pick size letter in the
preview window. I assumed you would put on the same starting point you use in
scanning? Is that a mistaked assumption?

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