Re: Please help me with unrecogn. scanner (Microtek 630)

Robert J. Alexander (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 16:51:00 +0100

"Robert J. Alexander" wrote:
> Blush ... I performed a /dev/MAKEDEV sg-all and re-ipled ... now
> find-scanner reports:
> find-scanner: found scanner " Scanner 600A4 2.10" at device /dev/sg1
> But I am probably too stupid to understand what to do next since:
> $ scanimage --list-devices
> device `pnm:0' is a Noname PNM file reader virtual device
> device `pnm:1' is a Noname PNM file reader virtual device
> does not report the scanner. I am sure skipping some customization step
> ....
> Still in need of your help. Thank you Bob.

Ok, we have another idiot on the block (ME of course ...).
I gave the command as root and it WORKS VERY WELL !!!!
Sorry for the noise in this list. Please excuse me.

A (final ?) question. Under Win95 I can do interpolated scans at more
than the optical 600x1200 the scanner has. Is this possible also under

Thank you.

Robert Alexander
IBM Italy
if you want to write please remove the SpamLESS prefix from my address

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