Re: New and improved development model?

Petter Reinholdtsen (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 20:44:05 +0100 (MET)

[David Huggins-Daines]
> Has anyone asked Debian or RedHat? (i.e. and
> SANE is relatively small compared to GNOME or the
> GIMP, I doubt it would be much of a strain on their servers.

I'm working to get access on

> FWIW, I like the idea of at least having anonymous CVS access and
> >regular snapshot releases / diffs (doesn't have to be
> nightly). That way, people would have more of a chance to try
> compiling and running the new stuff in a variety of different
> configurations (and a variety of different GCC versions :-) right up
> to the minute an official release is made.

Yes, that would be very nice. Who will need write access to the
repository? Only David Mosberger-Tang? I would expect a mailinglist
receiving info when changes are made. I suggest someone make, and I'll redirect commit messages to this
> I think I strongly encouraged people to test out the pre1.0 releases
> and it's not my fault if people don't test it on platforms other
> than Linux until after 1.0 was released.

It would be much easier if I was able to keep up to date with all new
patches to the source.

> Maybe the real issue is that we may need/want a sane-testers mailing
> list so people can be alerted to impending new releases without
> having to deal with the volumes of mail on sane-devel. I'd be happy
> to maintain such a list.

I don't think this will solve the problem. I will make a CVS
repository for SANE, and I hope you are interested in using it to
maintain the source.

If not, I will use it for keeping track of patches posted to the list,
and let all other interested users fetch the source using anonymous

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