Re: UMAX found but xscanimage not working right.

Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:15:01 +0200

A. R. M. wrote:

> I've got sane installed on a Linux box and everything seems to work
> correctly.
> My scsi card and the scanner (UMAX Vista S12) get recognized correctly as
> reported by
> /proc/scsi/scsi and /var/adm/syslog.
> In my umax.conf file I've added the required lines as well as a symbolic
> link in /dev/ pointing to sg0 which is only accessible by the scanner group
> (and I've put myself in that group).
> The problem is though, that when I run xscanimage, I only get to choose
> between pnm:0 and pnm:1 for a device name.

Please use tool find-scanner as root to find out on which device your scanner


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