Oops artec problems (was Re: apple scanner backend hangs when using Umax sane-0.74)

Kevin Dalley (kevind@rahul.net)
20 Sep 1998 14:22:35 -0700

Oops, when I comment out artec, but leave apple, then everything works

When I run xscanimage with no options from sane-0.74 and with apple
commented out of dll.conf, a menu pops up which allows me to select a
device from the following list:


If I choose a umax option and try to scan, the scanner hangs. On the
other hand, if I run "xscanimage umax", the scanner works fine.

When I place apple back in, but comment out artec, then everything
works fine. I suspect that either artec, or artec and Umax combined
have some problems which need to be ironed out.

By the way, I am running Linux 2.0.35 under the Debian release.

Kevin Dalley

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