Mustek 600 II N - preview cancel & truncated output files

Jon Wikne (
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 20:18:44 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi, all,

I'm currently getting some experience using my Mustek 600 II N scanner
under Linux with Sane 0.74, after sorting out a few problems a week ago.

Thanks to those who assisted in this!

I even got custom gamma tables to work, after upgrading to gtk-1.0.5.
Thanks to this mailing list / archive, where I found the solution
to that one.

However, there are a couple more of those small (i.e. non-fatal, but
somewhat annoying) matters that probably should be looked into before
the 0.75 release:

1) Attempting to cancel the preview before the whole page has been
scanned (I see the whole of what is interesting, and get
impatient.... ;) results in a complete hang (~99% CPU time, and
nothing else happens). Killing and restarting the process doesn't
help. The only recovery I have found from this is to power off/on
the scanner (which again in turn seems to have caused a system
crash....). Conclusion: I don't use preview cancel anymore until
this has been sorted out!

2) Frequently (~95% of all cases I have run into) a few white lines
(seeming to vary in number) appear at the top of the scanned image
when viewed with xv. Same way some _black_ lines appear at the
bottom! This behaviour (so it would seem) is correlated with xv
reporting "image seems to be truncated". The cure for this is to
scan a wee bit more than you really need, then crop the image
with xv, and save. (Gimp simply reports "load failed", but whether
that is due to the truncated files or to some Gimp-related thing
(in that case affecting only *.pnm files) I'm not sure of at

Are these Mustek(600 II N)-specialties, or something more general?
Suggestions, anyone...?

-- Jon

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