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Bernd Schroeder (
Tue, 8 Sep 1998 13:14:08 +0200


On Sun, Sep 06, 1998 at 07:37:57PM -0700, Marcel Oliver wrote:
> Hi, I have a Microtek ADF 600L Automatic Document Feeder, which
> attaches to the Scanmaker E3 Plus. Since the microtek2 backend for
> sane does not support the automatic document feeder, I have tried to
> take the ADF stuff from the microtek backend (which apparently works
> for the old Scanmaker E3) and put it into the microtek2 backend.

A backend with support for an ADF (and TMA) is now available on .

The .gz file contains a .c and a .h file, that can simply be copied over
the old files. Then rebuild and reinstall sane.

Since I have neither a TMA nor an ADF, parts of the code are untested.
What should happen is, that a new option "scan source" is enabled, when
a TMA or ADF are detected.

If the user switches from flatbed mode to TMA or ADF mode a new set of
option settings becomes available, because the scanner attributes for each
of the three scan sources are slightly different, for example the scan areas
have different sizes ( in case of my Scanmaker 630 flatbed is 8.5'' x 11.7'',
TMA is 5.5'' x 6.0'' and the ADF supports 8.5'' x 13.5'' ).

If the TMA source is selected the lamps should be toggled, too.

I have tested this by faking the presence of a TMA and ADF. However, if
I select a mode other than flatbed and start a scan the scanner silently
switches to flatbed mode and starts scanning from there. ( I would rather
have expected an error message ).

In case of the TMA it selects the smaller scan area and in case of the
ADF it selects the bigger scan area and tries to scan beyond the bottom
of the available area of the flatbed.

But the bits in the "set window" command, that select the medium are
correctly set, so I hope it works, if a TMA or ADF are really connected.


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