can't start xscanimage

Jeremy Probber (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 11:00:15 -0800 (PST)


I recently purchased a Umax Astra1200s, hooked it
up to my Linux box and installed the sane 7.1 RPMS. I
got scanimage working fine; however, xscanimage will
just not work, it looks like its about to start and
just dies. I am using the RH5 distribution, GKT
0.99.7, and did a symlink BTWN and after installing sane. I also originaly
used an older version of GTK(0.99.4) than I upgraded
and still had the same problem. If anyone had the
same problem and managed to fix it please let me
know. Also I wanted to thank the folks who gave me
advice on getting my scanner to work with my SCSI
card, Thanks!


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