glasses (was: Re: sane 0.71 and microtek E3)

Michael K. Johnson (
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 14:40:32 -0500

Bob van der Poel writes:
>Even worse, is the fact that I'm getting older each and every year and
>my eyes are going along for the ride. I'm thinking of getting a 17"
>but maybe I should blow the milk money on a 21" and justify it on the
>I'd incur by putting off glasses for another year. Wonder if she'll buy
>that ;).


A 21" you will need to have farther away from your face to use effectively,
so if you have the desk for it, you *will* find that it will be easier
on your eyes. You might also consider getting "computer glasses" focused
at 1/2 meter; I've found that my occupational bifocals (1/2 meter for most
of the glasses; only the top 13mm is distance-focus) makes my eyes a lot
more comfortable, and it's a lot better than wearing bifocals all the
time. I use decent 17" monitors at approximately arm's length, and with
the computer glasses, I can use them pretty much all day without too much
eyestrain. With distance glasses, it was painful.


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