SANE 0.71 (needs which GTK?)

Hugo van der Kooij (
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 01:24:49 +0100 (MET)

I tried to build SANE 0.71 against GTK 0.99.4 and GIMP 0.99.19 but it did
not work perfectly (it does not even try xscanimage).

I could not find against which version of GIMP and GTK SANE 0.71 was made.
However in the process of digging around to find the problems I noted some
ackward things. In frontend/ I found -I/usr/local/include
hardcoded to note just a things that is not right.

This broke my configuration as I was trying to build on /usr. I also noted
that there were no include en library settings for the obvious defaults
such as /usr/lib and /usr/include.

I hope someone on the development team can shed a light on this?

I am not a programmer and can't help coding but digging around some code
and makefiles to see what I need to fix is a service I could provide to
the developers on a limited scale.

At present however my priority is to get the scanner (HP SJ5p) working
with Linux (I do not run anything but Linux ;-).

So Perhaps I could dropback to the GTP and GIMP that were used to make
SANE 0.71 if only I knew which one that was.


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