Re: sane 0.71 and microtek E3

Bob van der Poel (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 14:41:22 -0700

Bob van der Poel wrote:
> Jeff Freedman wrote:
> >
> > I haven't tried 0.71, but was having similar problems with 0.70.
> > However, 0.67 worked fine with my E3.
> I have tried 0.66 and 0.68 and both refuse to compile xscanimage. Seems
> to be a library problem since they exit with the helpful message:

Replying to one's own messages might be the sign of a too-idle
life....but I did get 0.68 working.
I think it was a problem with using gtk 99.3 which doesn't have the
gtk_tooltips_destroy() function. I commented the call out in gtkglue.c
and it compiled okay and seems to scan things okay as well. Don't know
if this will bugger up other things...but at least it now works!

Minor complaint: why do authors always figure we have large screens? I
use a 14 monitor and anything larger than 800x600 is virtually
unreadable and virtual screens are, well...I hate them. Shouldn't we all
be designing screens to fit on a 'reasonable' screen? And IMHO anything
larger than 800x600 is NOT reasonable.
So, to use this I either have to restart X in a larger screen or I have
to move the program window back and forth to access all the functions.

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