Re: jscanimage won't compile

Jeff Freedman (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 09:49:05 -0800

Mathias Weigt (Stud. 94) wrote:
> Servus !
> Ok I got swing-0.61 from
> Now all compiles cleanly but Jscanimage actually does nothing and Test
> does nothing but printing the version numbers (but I think it should do a
> little test-scan or at least list som devices ?).

It's only half-done!:-) Anyway, it currently just defaults to the first
SANE device it finds (should be PNM), and it should come up with a
dialog box that looks very similar to "xscanimage".

Also, there should be several debugging statements printed on the
console. I couldn't get "jdb" to work, so I've been very liberal with

The "make" procedure should have also built a "", which you
need to install in one of your LD_LIBRARY_PATH directories. I believe
that "make install" inside the "japi" directory should do this for you.

I've done a lot more coding since the last release, and will be sending
it in soon. Bear in mind that I've been doing this on a machine without
a scanner, so am just using the "pnm" device for testing.

-- Jeff

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