Re: Highscreen PerfectScan

Mark Andrachek (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 22:03:20 -0500

> If you
> have a spare slot in your machine, and the card that came with
> your scanner is supported, I would recommend using it. Especially
> if you ever run into problems that simple termination doesn't cure.
> hope this answers the questions you had (and some others as well),
> regards, Theo

I've got a Microtek E6. I've had no luck getting anything running
under sane. After a compile and install, it can't find the libs,
even though they're where ldd says they are.

Any, the card the E6 comes with is an adaptec 1502 (or 1502E), it
only supports one scsi device. Although not officially supported,
a small change will get it working as an aha152x.

edit aha152x.c, add

#define address REAL_ADDRESS (for me it's D400)
#define IRQ REAL_IRQ (for me, again, 10)

In the scsi Makefile, add -DSKIP_BIOSTEST to the AHA152X line.

recompile, boom.

I recommend using it as a module, so you can turn the scanner on,
insmod it, use the scanner, rmmod it, turn the scanner off.
I'd like to see MS do that! :)


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