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borm (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 02:41:03 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri 12 Dec, Martin Kroeker wrote:
> I bought a "Highscreen PerfectScan" last weekend, and it is indeed recognized
> as a Microtek E6 and seems to work fine with SANE-0.68. (With an
> Adaptec-2940 that is, i haven't bothered to try the card that came with it).
> I am a bit uneasy about termination, as the minimal documentation in the box
> simply mentioned that it "might be necessary if there are other devices on
> the bus". This beast has two female connectors besides the centronics-type
> scsi port, one of which *might* be scsi (but i have never seen terminators
> with a "normal" 25-pin sub-D pinout). I guess the other is used to connect
> the additional hardware for scanning 35mm slides or some such - can somebody
> confirm this (in private email, i guess it's a bit off-topic for this
> list).

if it's a microtek, then one of the connectors should be a 15 pin
sub-d type connector. This is the option port. The TMA (transparency
media adapter) or ADF (automatic document feeder) can be connected
to this port. The other is a 25 pin sub-d type scsi port. A terminator
that connects to this port should not be hard to find at about 10 us$.
Another option would be to get a suitable scsi cable, and attach the
scanner through the 25 pin sub-d connector. You can then use a normal
(centronics) terminator.

The "older" Microtek scanners can only handle data transfers at a
maximum speed of 5 megabytes per second. On *some* 2940 (./W/UW)
implementations in combination with fast perhipherals such as
harddiscs, this renders the scanner incommunicado. This may lead
to lock-ups and potential data loss. *some* 2940 implementations
can be configured to use a lower speed, but why use a fast SCSI
card (and fast scsi discs) if you are going to cripple it. If you
have a spare slot in your machine, and the card that came with
your scanner is supported, I would recommend using it. Especially
if you ever run into problems that simple termination doesn't cure.

hope this answers the questions you had (and some others as well),

regards, Theo

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