Re: Highscreen PerfectScan

Matto Marjanovic (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 23:40:27 -0500

I've read, that the Scanner "Highscreen PerfectScan" is compatible with
"Microtec ScanMaker E6".
I've seen on the "sane" homepage, that there is only a Scanner driver
for the "Mikrotec ScanMaker E6". Now my question is, if this driver
works with the "Highscreen PerfectScan" or if there is a own driver for


Would that be the "Vobis Highscreen PerfectScan"?
A little poking on the net reveals they look the same. Another user has
identified the "Vobis RealScan" as a Scanmaker E2 --- prelim. support for
that one will be in the next release (soon!).

If the PerfectScan identifies itself as the E6, the driver will work.
Otherwise, send the scanner inquiry dump to me, and I'll add it to the id code.

-matt m.

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