Re: SANE bug with large scans: Microtek E6/Linux 2.0.30

Matto Marjanovic (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 23:51:25 -0500

2) scanning in larger size images (eg 1 meg) causes the "progress" bar not to
update beyond the first increment, and sometimes give scans with colored
horizontal lines among the proper scan data.

3) scanning in big images (eg 8 meg) causes xscanimage to either (a) freeze or
(b) dump core.

These are in fact, bugs in the color scan code, plain and simple. (Well,
not so simple, but pretty plain.)
Fixed in that oft-mentioned, not-yet-seen next release....

-matt m.

PS: The xscanimage "progress" bar never does anything useful for me.
I always figured it was because the cheap PIO SCSI card that came
with my E6 so hogs the system that the bar never gets a chance to
update. Does anybody know if a nice, bus-mastering card would help?

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