Re: second SCSI controller..
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 12:37:06 +0100 (MET)

> > IBM DPES 31800 will crash the partiotiontable if you use the mustel
> > driver on sga (iif the disk is sda)
> The same goes for wrong access to a Yamaha CD-Writer as well... ;)
??? How does this "work" ?

> I made the mistake, that once I took an external CD-ROM out of the system,
> and due to that all the SG devices behind it "moved forward" (sgc -> sgb,
> sgd -> sgc). Unfortunately, that meant that the CD-Writer became sgb while
> the second disk became sgc... Bye bye partitiontable..... :(
Ah - yet I see - It was killed by CD-Writer-SW accessing the HD ...

> I've done the same to the scanner (attached to a second box), and
> I'd recommend this to everyone.
I'd rather recommend that we fix the drivers to bail out safely, if the
device attached is not what the driver expects.

IIRC you can ask the SCSI-Inquiry data portably between devices, so you can
check, if the device is right before sending any vendor-specific commands,
right ?


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