Re: second SCSI controller..

Christoph Doerbeck (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 09:11:48 -0500

> I just found out that SANE has problems recognizing a scanner attached to
> the second SCSI bus. SANE kept initializing the SCSI 0 bus...
> So, is there a way of attaching it to the second SCSI bus?

Works for me... I have 2 adaptec controllers (a PCI something-or-other, and
an older 1542CF. I had some initial difficulty getting both SCSI controllers
to appear because I am using loadable modules with kernel 2.0.27 (i think).
I couldn't design a module relationship that would load the secondary aha1542
module during boot. So, I resorted to slapping a "insmod aha1542" into
the /etc/rc.d/modules.rc file (technically an outdated method which is
still supported for backward compatability). At any rate, this method works
great for me. I doubt that SANE has anything to do with supporting multiple
SCSI busses.... (?)

Also, please let me thank all the developers here for doing such a wonderful
job. I was recently blessed with the birth of my 2 girls, and through the
use of SANE and my mustek scanner my family was able to access pictures
within the hours (relatives reaching from Australia to Ilminau (sp?), Germany)
I'd send pizza, but those funds got sucked up buying diapers ;-)

Did everyone read that HP has ported MkLinux to HP PA-RISC??????
(Linux Journal Dec 1997)

Thanks again.

- Christoph

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