Andreas Czechanowski (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 11:41:49 +0100 (MET)

Hi Enrico !

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Enrico Oreglia wrote:

> First of all, YOU'RE GREAT, because my scanner now is turned on by sane!!!

That's at least better than nothing !

> But...
> I can't do anything.

That's not so good at all.

> Only one time I obtained a preview (I don't know how) and now if I try to
> use my scanner, sane only turn it on and that's all, it's impossible to
> obtain a preview or a scan (color, gray etc.).
> Some suggestions?

At least one possibility: I always ran xscanimage/scanimage as SUID root
program. It should be also possible to use /dev/port (if this device is
readable/writable for the user), but it is not well tested.
When you already tried as root, I only can give you the hint to do


and to look at the debugging output (or, send me what you got).
You will see if the scanner gets identified after power-on.

> And, it's possible turn off the scanner light with sane?

Yes, there was a bug in sanei/sanei_ab306n.c that did not turn
the scanner off after leaving the program. If you still want to try
with sane-0.67, you can change the line 473,474 as shown below:

/* power off the scanner: */
ab306_outb (port + i, port[i].base, 0x00);

so that it looks like:

/* power off the scanner: */
ab306_outb (port + i, port[i].base + 1, 0x00);


PS: I am still trying to get a improved backend implementation through
to be included into 0.68, but there were still some implementation
details that did not match. I hope it will be ready in time.

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