SANE bug with large scans: Microtek E6/Linux 2.0.30
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 10:45:24 -0800 (PST)


I am very happy that the SANE project exists, and bought my Microtek E6
SCSI scanner partly because it's supported. I have it working, sometimes,
using RedHat 4.2 Linux (Kernel 2.0.30) on my Pentium/75 with 32 meg ram,
Advansys SCSI with Seagate 4/8 gig Travan internal SCSI tape drive also.

I have the latest released GTK (971109) along with Gimp
0.99.15. Gimp works more-or-less ok (minus the usual few bugs). Running
xscanimage standalone I notice this:

1) scanning in small images works fine. (eg. 250 kbytes in size)

2) scanning in larger size images (eg 1 meg) causes the "progress" bar not to
update beyond the first increment, and sometimes give scans with colored
horizontal lines among the proper scan data.

3) scanning in big images (eg 8 meg) causes xscanimage to either (a) freeze or
(b) dump core.

Seems like a memory leak. I'll try to debug this later this week. Meanwhile
anyone have any suggestions?

PS. Even so, Sane 0.6/xscanimage is still better than the bundled software
with the scanner for Windows 3.1, which has managed to ERASE MY ENTIRE DOS
PARTITION not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES while handling large
images. This is why I now have the tape backup... :-/



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