qcam under linux

Raffi Krikorian (raffi@mit.edu)
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 15:31:55 EST

hi. i just installed sane version 0.67 on my linux box (2.0.30). i
can start xcam fine. after that, i hit the play button, it grabbs an
image, then locks up. after that, the window doesn't refresh anymore,
and it only dies with a `kill -9`.

xscanimage has the same problems. it can preview an image once, if i
ask it to do it again, it dies.

i've also tried switcing into unidirectional mode on the parallel

is this a problem that all machines are having? if it isn't, is there
a suggested way of fixing it?

can somebody please get back to me? i would like to fix this. i'm
trying out sane because i want to buy a microtek scanmaker e3 - and i
want to try out everything and make sure its stable.

thanks so much! if i'm mailing to the wrong list, please somebody get
back to me.

raffi krikorian

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