Re: sane 0.66 bug report

Matto Marjanovic (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 12:16:41 -0500

I can't speak for the SCSI reconfiguration stuff, I haven't tried it myself,
but I've got other suggestions:

o try sane-0.67 --- there are some big fixes in the Microtek backend,
including a bug fix in the color scanning (which caused segfaults).
NB: Color scanning still has a problem or two, manifesting itself in
high-res scans in which few scanlines fit in the scan buffer. Grayscale
is solid, though, so you may want to try that first. (`solid'? :)

o send me an error log ("setenv SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK 128"), from the backend
in sane-0.67. (I do look at these, even though I can slack in responding.)

o tell me why I can't get a new xscanimage (with the 10/25 gtk) to work at all!

o give me the name and phone number of SOMEONE at Microtek who knows about
the E6/E3/etc! every time I get into bad-ass mode and sit on the phone
and finally get through to someone, they always refer me back to some
SCSI Command Set document which describes some standard command set which
is *not* the one used on the E6/E3/E2/IISP/etc. (when they don't just
send me sample Windows/Mac programming code, that is.)

-Matt M.

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