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Can anybody confirm or deny this? If I don't here from anyone, this
change will be in the next release (due out any day now...).


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From: Henning Busacker <>
Subject: SANE and Mustek MFS-12000SP v1.05 success!
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 18:31:59 +0000

Hello David,
I just a Mustek Paragon MFS-12000SP and I found this scanner needs the
Here is what I add to mustek.c for the MFS-12000SP.

if (fw_revision = 0x105)
dev->flags |= MUSTEK_FLAG_LD_NONE;

This reports scanimage after my change:
[mustek] attach: firmware revision 1.05
[mustek] attach: scanner has automatic line-distance correction
[mustek] attach: found Mustek scanner model MFS-12000SP (flatbed
scanner), 1-pass

I hope it helps.
By the way, Great work!!!
bye Henning


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