Re: Most SANE scanner to buy?

Iain O'Cain (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 12:55:55 -0600 (EDT)

> > So I'd still like to do the best I can for $200-300, but I'd like to be
> > very sure that what I buy will work well with SANE.

> The Umax Astra 1200 S does not make great problems, the standart-things
> (b/w, grey and color-scan work, 8/24 bpp is supported, 10/30 bpp is in
> work).

Okay, so it looks like I can get a Umax 1200s locally for CDN$553 (US$404)
with a $69 rebate making it CDN$484 (US$353)! On the other hand, a local
shop also has Microtek E6 scanners for CDN$450 (US$329).

Is the support for the E6 good enough that I should save myself $30? Is
the E6 as good as the 1200s?

- Iain

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