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Michael K. Johnson (
Mon, 05 May 1997 10:18:08 -0400

David Mosberger-Tang writes:
>According to the file PROJECTS in the SANE distribution:
> Backend: Status: Contact: available hw:
> -------- ------- ---------------------------------------- -------------
> UMAX planned Michael K. Johnson <> ???
>So the answer is: no, SANE does not currently support UMAX scanners.
>However, there is standalone package that was written by Michael that
>supports UMAX scanners (though I don't know whether it covers your
>particular scanner and I'm afraid I don't remember what the name of
>the package is; Michael, maybe you can help out?).

I just call it "umax". It's in the LSM.*

The 0.5 version works on some scanners and includes all the documentation.
The 0.5.x versions work on more scanners and have several improvements,
but haven't been merged back into my source tree (someone else worked on
that branch).

Eventually, my plan is to make that code work both as the current
standalone umax utility and be linked as a sane backend. But I've got
a few much-higher-priority tasks to complete first.

>Also, I think
>Michael said that UMAX made the programming documentation available in
>PDF format so if you're interested in helping with a SANE backend for
>UMAX, that should be possible.

If you want to work on this, talk to me and I will explain to you how
to work with the 0.5.x versions to create code that I can merge back in
when I'm able to do so.


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