Re: PINT driver patches

Gordon Matzigkeit (
21 Apr 1997 16:14:04 -0600


>>>>> David Mosberger-Tang writes:

>>>>> On 21 Apr 1997 18:16:44 -0000, Gordon Matzigkeit
>>>>> <> said:

Gord> It seems like the only thing remaining before SANE does exactly
Gord> what I want is some refinements to the xscan preview mode.
Gord> I'll try to figure out what I need and what SANE does after the
Gord> next source release.

DM> Be sure to look at the relevent entry in the TODO list (search
DM> for PREVIEW:). There are some things I'd like to see changed as
DM> well, but it doesn't look like I'll get to work on it very soon.

I'll take a look once 0.55 comes out.

Then, at last, I'll have a common code base from which to work, rather
than my own, hacked-up sources.

Do you still want a PINT xscan screen snapshot? It's not exciting at
all, but if you want it, I can easily supply it...


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