Re: 0.50: xscan parameters label problems

David Mosberger-Tang (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 13:51:03 -0700

>>>>> On 02 Apr 1997 12:03:59 -0700, Gordon Matzigkeit <> said:

Gord> Hi! When I set my PINT scanner to scan really big, high
Gord> resolution pictures, xscan doesn't like me.

I guess that means the PING backend is working, more or less---great!

Gord> Here is the standard output:

Gord> new params: 746x1296: 22.1 MB new params: 1007x1750: 40.3 MB
Gord> new params: 1537x2670: 93.9 MB new params: 2066x3589: 169.7 MB
Gord> new params: 2595x4509: -148676209.-6 B new params: 3125x5429:
Gord> -22321729.-6 B

Gord> As you see, the parameters overflow.

You mean you're running on a wimpy 32-bit machine? ;-)) Seriously though:

2595*4509*24 = 2.8e8 ~= 268MB

I don't see why this should overflow even on a 32 bit machine. Can you
look into this?

Aside from the overflow: note that the depth parameter is the depth
_per channel_, so it probably ought to be 8 instead (none of the
frontends currently support more than that). E.g., with the Mustek
backend I get:

new params: 4612x6469: 85.3 MB

(i.e., 4612*6469*3, which gives more reasonable sizes).

Gord> Also, the ``new params'' aren't displayed when I change the
Gord> scanning mode from color to grayscale and vice versa. I have
Gord> to change some other attribute to get them redisplayed.

Did you return an info value with SANE_INFO_RELOAD_PARAMS on when
xscan set the color->grayscale option? If you don't set that bit,
xscan won't now that it should update the parameters.

Gord> And finally, xscan displays nothing in the window when the
Gord> params exceed 19 chars (or whatever the size of "x: . MB" plus
Gord> 11 digits is), e.g. when ``new params'' shows that the output
Gord> file is greater than 100 MB in size.

Yes, this is believed to be a gtk bug. It used to work fine with the
previous gtk version (October 1996). With the current gtk version,
you have to resize the xscan window to make the label wide enough so
the text fits in. I'm not planning on spending time on this until gtk
becomes more stable.


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