SANE-pre0.5 snapshot available

David Mosberger-Tang (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 23:07:39 -0700

I just uploaded a new SANE snapshot:

The reason this is called "pre0.5" and not 0.5 is due to the fact that
the GIMP toolkit (GTK+) is in a phase of transition (or shall I say
debugging ;-). In particular, believe there are a couple of bugs left
in the current GTK+ version that have some ugly visual effects on the
SANE frontends (widget's sometimes don't get drawn properly). While
ugly, things basically work correctly.

The credit for making SANE GTK+ compatible goes to Tristan Tarant.

One caveat: you do need to get a developer's snapshot of GIMP in order
to build sane-pre0.5 (just build GIMP, install it with "make install"
and then build SANE). The GIMP snapshot can be found at (please note: _developers_
only---it's not for the faint of heart just yet...). And the build
instructions for SANE are in the top-level README file.

Other than for the GTK complication, the SANE build should now be much
more robust. If all else fails, you can now run configure with
"--enable-preload" which has the effect of completely avoiding the use
of libdl (turns out this is handy for debugging, too... ;-).

There are many new features: full preview support in xscan, better
networking support and all the rest I can't think of right now.

If you do check it out, please let me know about _SANE_-related build
problems etc. (I don't care to hear about GTK bugs since they'll
disappear gradually as GIMP gets improved (which happens at a fast

The reason I'm making this available now is that I won't have time for
SANE for at least a couple of days, so feel free to make improvements
(be sure to send me a note before starting to hack on a file,

Happy hacking,


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