sane-artec_eplus48u(5)               SANE               sane-artec_eplus48u(5)


       sane-artec_eplus48u - SANE backend for the scanner Artec E+ 48U and re-
       badged models


       The sane-artec_eplus48u library implements a SANE (Scanner  Access  Now
       Easy)  backend that provides access to several USB flatbed scanners us-
       ing the GT6816 chipset like the Artec E+ 48U.  These  scanners  have  a
       contact image sensor (CIS).

       A    complete   list   of   supported   devices   can   be   found   on

       This is ALPHA software. Especially if you test new  or  untested  scan-
       ners,  keep  your hand at the scanner's plug and unplug it, if the head
       bumps at the end of the scan area.

       If you own a scanner other than the ones mentioned  on  the  list  that
       works  with  this backend, please let us know this by sending the scan-
       ner's exact model name and the USB vendor and product  ids  (e.g.  from
       /proc/bus/usb/devices,  sane-find-scanner(1)  or syslog) to me. Even if
       the scanner's name is only slightly different from the models mentioned
       above, please let me know.


       If libusb-0.1.6 or later is installed, this section can be skipped. The
       scanner should be found by  sane-find-scanner(1)  without  further  ac-
       tions.  For  setting  permissions  and  general USB information look at

       When you are using the scanner module, a Linux kernel 2.4.12  or  newer
       is required.


       You need a firmware file for your scanner. That's a small file contain-
       ing software that will be uploaded to the  scanner's  memory.  For  the
       scanners  mentioned  above, it's usually named Artec48.usb or 1200.usb.
       You can find it on the installation CD that was provided by  the  manu-
       facturer,  normally  in  the directory Win98, WinMe or similar.  If the
       Windows-driver is installed on your computer, then you  can  also  find
       the firmware file under c:264vers.


       The  contents  of  the  artec_eplus48u.conf file is a list of usb lines
       containing vendor and product ids that correspond to USB scanners.  The
       file  can  also  contain  option lines.  Empty lines and lines starting
       with a hash mark (#) are ignored.  The scanners are autodetected by usb
       vendor_id   product_id  statements  which  are  already  included  into
       artec_eplus48u.conf .  "vendor_id"  and  "product_id"  are  hexadecimal
       numbers that identify the scanner.

       Every usb section can have additional options.

       artecFirmwareFile /usr/local/share/sane/artec_eplus48u/Artec48.usb
              The path to the firmware file. This option is required.

       redGamma 1.0

       greenGamma 1.0

       blueGamma 1.0

       masterGamma 1.9
              These  are  the  default gamma values. If you set the "Defaults"
              option with a frontend, then the gamma options are reset to  the
              values specified here.

       redOffset 0x28

       greenOffset 0x2f

       blueOffset 0x2f

       redExposure 0xa7

       greenExposure 0x116

       blueExposure 0xdc
              These  are the default values for offset and exposure time.  You
              can change them (e.g. to speed up calibration) if you don't want
              to save the calibration data permanently.

       vendorString Artec

       modelString E+ 48U
              By  default,  the  scanner is reported as "Artec E+ 48U". If you
              don't like this, e.g.  because you have an Tevion MD 9693,  then
              change the options accordingly.


              The   backend   configuration  file  (see  also  description  of
              SANE_CONFIG_DIR below).

              The static library implementing this backend.

              The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
              that support dynamic loading).


              This environment variable specifies the list of directories that
              may contain the configuration file.  On *NIX systems, the direc-
              tories are separated by a colon (`:'), under OS/2, they are sep-
              arated by a semi-colon (`;').  If this variable is not set,  the
              configuration  file  is  searched  in  two  default directories:
              first, the current working directory (".") and then in  /usr/lo-
              cal/etc/sane.d.   If  the value of the environment variable ends
              with the directory separator character, then the default  direc-
              tories  are searched after the explicitly specified directories.
              For example, setting SANE_CONFIG_DIR to "/tmp/config:" would re-
              sult in directories tmp/config, ., and /usr/local/etc/sane.d be-
              ing searched (in this order).

              If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this en-
              vironment  variable  controls  the debug level for this backend.
              Higher debug levels increase the verbosity of the output.

              Example: export SANE_DEBUG_ARTEC_EPLUS48U=3


       sane(7), sane-usb(5)


       Michael Herder.
       This backend is based on the  gt68xx  test-program  written  by  Sergey
       Vlasov,  Andreas  Nowack,  and  David Stevenson. Thanks to everyone who
       tested the backend or reported bugs.
       This man page is based on man sane-gt68xx(5), written by Henning Meier-


       This  backend  has  been tested on Linux only. If you are using it on a
       different platform, please contact us.

       Interpolation with 1200 dpi is weak.

       Support for buttons is missing due to missing support in SANE.

       Please      contact      us      if      you      find      a      bug:

                                  11 Jul 2008           sane-artec_eplus48u(5)

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