Backends (Drivers)

(old version SANE-1.00)

The following table summarizes the backends/drivers distributed with the old version sane-1.00, and the hardware or software they support. When you experience any problems please update to the most recent SANE version before you send any bug reports or ask for help, your problem may be solved in the most recent SANE version.

This is only a summary! Please consult the manpages and the author-supplied webpages for more detailed (and usually important) information concerning each backend. But be aware: the manpage and the author's webpages deal with the most recent backend version!

(For an explanation of the table, see the legend.)

Backend Version Status Supported Devices Manual Page
Manufacturer Model Comment
abaton 0.1 alpha Abaton Scan 300/GS All known modes and functions supported sane-abaton
Scan 300/S Untested, use with caution
agfafocus 0.2 NEW! AGFA Focus GS Scanner 6 bit gray sane-agfafocus
Focus Lineart Scanner Lineart only? Untested.
Focus II gray only
Focus Color  
Focus Color Plus 3-pass
Siemens S9036 gray only
apple 0.31 alpha Apple Apple Scanner 4bit, 16 shades of gray sane-apple
OneScanner 8bit, 256 shades of gray. The backend needs work especially in the quantization code but it may work.
ColorOneScanner truecolor (needs much work) but it scans in non color modes.
artec 0.3 alpha Artec/Ultima AT3 works (author's model) ?
A6000C+ testing in progress
AT6 testing in progress
AT12 testing in progress
canon 0.1 alpha Canon CanoScan 300 1 pass; flatbed scanner ?
CanoScan 600 1 pass; flatbed scanner
CanoScan 2700F 1 pass; film scanner
coolscan 0.3 beta Nikon LS-20 The LS-20 has been replaced by the LS-30 ?
LS-1000 Doesn't support gamma correction
dc210 0.0 alpha Kodak DC210   sane-dc210
dc25 1.1 alpha Kodak DC25   sane-dc25
DC20 DC-20 is untested!
dll 0.73 beta Dynamic loading of shared-library backends.   sane-dll
dmc ? ? ? sane-dmc
epson ? ? ? sane-epson
hp 0.71 NEW! HP HP PhotoSmart PhotoScanner   ?
microtek 0.10 beta Microtek Scanmaker E6   sane-microtek
Scanmaker E3  
Scanmaker E2 3-pass
Scanmaker 35t+ slide-scanner
Scanmaker III  
Scanmaker IISP  
Scanmaker IIHR 3-pass
Scanmaker IIG gray only
Scanmaker II 3-pass
Scanmaker 600Z(S) untested (color?)
Scanmaker 600G(S) gray only (see manpage)
Agfa Arcus II Arcus *II*, not Arcus!
StudioScan II not quite functional yet
StudioScan IIsi not quite functional yet
microtek2 0.5 alpha Microtek ScanMaker E3plus   sane-microtek2
ScanMaker 330  
ScanMaker 630  
ScanMaker 636  
ScanMaker X6  
Phantom 636  
Vobis HighScan only E3plus based models
mustek 0.73 beta Mustek MFC-600S 1 pass; (f/w >= 1.01; scsi id MFC-06000CZ) sane-mustek
MFC-600CD 1 pass; (f/w >= 2.03; scsi id MFC-06000CZ)
MFS-6000CX 3 pass; (f/w >= 2.71; scsi id MSF-06000CX)
MSF-6000SP 1 pass; (f/w >= 3.12; scsi id MSF-06000SP)
MFS-8000SP 1 pass; (f/w >= 2.05; scsi id MSF-08000SP) lineart drops lines?
MFC-800S 1 pass; (f/w == 1.06; scsi id MFC-08000CZ) color fails?
MFS-1200SP 1 pass; (f/w == 1.00; scsi id MSF-12000SP)
MFS-1200SP 1 pass; (f/w == 1.07; scsi id MFS-12000SP)
MFS-1200SP 1 pass; (f/w == 1.02; scsi id MFS-12000SP) color fails?
MFS-12000CX 3 pass; (f/w == 2.71; scsi id MFS-12000CX)
SE-6000SP 1 pass; (f/w == ? ; scsi id C03 S10IDW)
SE-12000SP 1 pass; (f/w == 1.01; scsi id C06 S12IDW)
net 0.73 beta Network access to saned servers   sane-net
pint ? ? ? sane-pint
pnm ? beta Reads PNM files Used for debugging frontends sane-pnm
qcam ? ? ? sane-qcam
s9036 ? ? ? ?
SnapScan 0.5 alpha AGFA SnapScan 300 Only 8 bits/sample at present ?
SnapScan 310 Ditto
SnapScan 600 Ditto
Vuego 310S Close SnapScan 310 compatible.
tamarack 0.5 beta Tamarack Artiscan 6000C 3 pass, 300 DPI; please report succes to ?
Artiscan 8000C 3 pass, 400 DPI; please report succes to
Artiscan 12000C 3 pass, 600 DPI
umax 0.73l beta UMAX Vista S6   sane-umax
Vista S6E  
Supervista S-12  
UMAX S-12  
UMAX S-12G  
Astra 600S  
Astra 610S  
Astra 1200S  
Astra 1220S  
UC 630  
UG 630  
UG 80  
Escom Image Scanner 256  
Linotype Hell Jade SCSI-ID=Office


Name of the backend, with a link to more extensive and detailed information, if it exists.
Version of backend/driver distributed in the lastest SANE release. Newer versions may be available from their home sites.
A vague indication of robustness and reliability.
  • NEW! means brand-new to the current release of SANE.
  • alpha means it must do something, but is not very well tested, probably has bugs, and may even crash your system, etc., etc.
  • beta means it works pretty well, and looks stable and functional, but not bullet-proof.
  • stable means someone is pulling your leg.
Supported Devices:
Which hardware the backend supports.
Manual Page:
A link to the man-page on-line, if it exists.

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