scanjet 5200c usb and red hat 7.1

From: Jonathan Trites (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 21:23:37 PDT

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    I'm having a problem trying to get my HP ScanJet 5200C working. When I
    start up xsane in gnome, it says that it can't find any devices even though
    my scanner works in windows 98. I have been trying for a couple of days to
    try to get it working but I can't get it to work. I also noticed that on
    startup when it's initializing the usb controller it doesn't list any
    devices that it found, but it sits for about 5 seconds and waits. Does this
    acutally mean anything like the problem is that it doesn't recognize it as a
    usb device or is it sane not seeing the scanner even though it's there and
    what are some possible solutions?

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