SCSI/IRQ problem?

From: Frederik Ramm (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 15:18:41 PDT

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       I've been using my Fujitsu M3091 SCSI scanner with my self-made
    driver as the only device on an Adaptec 2940 until now with no
    trouble. Now I've upgraded the system - another mainboard etc., but
    the controller and scanner are still the same. Rebuilt sane and all,
    but now when I try to scan documents, the paper is fed through the
    scanner at an unusual speed, and the resulting data stream contains
    only garbage. (The scanner does seem to transfer the correct amount of
    data, and it does seem to respond correctly to the various SCSI
    commands as per SANE_DEBUG_... output).

    I have noticed that during startup, the system reports that the
    Adaptec SCSI adapter is using the same IRQ as the AGP video

    Is it possible/likely that an IRQ problem results in a behaviour like
    this, i.e. simple scanner commands work fine but when reading scanned
    data you only get garbage? And, while slightly off-topic - with
    neither the Adaptec nor the graphics adapter having any hardwar or
    software configuration options, how can I avoid the IRQ conflict?


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