Re: Microtec X6 wrong colors

From: Karsten Festag (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 14:51:04 PDT

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    Aristides Kontogeorgis wrote:
    > I own a microtex X6 and the colors appear green sometimes.
    > This is a known problem and I was advised to upgrade the
    > firmware of the scaner to 1.6 ( It is now 1.0)
    > This sounds difficult to me.

    There is a new version of the microtek2 backend in the CVS-Snapshot
    which is available at I don't know if it helps but
    if you like you can test it.

    > An alternative aproach might be the following:
    > Now I have to scan a picture twice, if the first
    > scanning is green I change the x-coordinade of the
    > scanning area one pixel to the left or right and the colors
    > are correct.
    > I also think that in 200dpi resolution I got always correct colors
    > if the x-coordinate is divisible by 2.
    > This channges in different resulotions.
    > Question:
    > Can one think of a general formula of the correct x-coordinates?

    It depends on the bug in the firmware, i think you will have to find it
    out by yourself.

    > If the answer is yes, then I will try to modify xsane so that the possible
    > coordinates of the scanning area give correct colors
    > (for example in the 200dpi resolution the marching area selection
    > tool has to move in steps of 2.)

    You should modify the backend so that it corrects the values rather than
    xsane. Xsane is identical for all scanners, the scanner-dependent code
    is in the backend (microtek2.c in your case).

    Karsten Festag

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