Re: Problem comiling Sane

From: Maier Gerfried (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 04:11:24 PDT

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    Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

    > Further up in the file, a comment specifies a different struct which
    > is defined to make sure it is available on all Linux kernel versions.
    > Which linux kernel are you using (uname -a)? Could you be missing the
    > kernel header files?

    I've kernel 2.2.19 with the sg.o of 2.2.5 (because the the supplied with
    2.2.19 made problems wit my scanner)
    The configure-script is able to find the sg.h but it seems to me, that - at
    compile time - this file is not used.

    > The replacement struct is named 'struct xsg_scsi_id'. Try to replace
    > 'sg_scsi_id' with 'xsg_scsi_id' in line 2262, and see if it works.

    Applying this workaround let the make-process succeed, but I am not able to
    perform any scan, because of an error
    "scanimage: sane_start: Out of memory"

    Maier Gerfried

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