Re: autoconf macro SANE_CHECK_U_TYPES fails on Tru64 with cc

From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 10:24:18 PDT

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    On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 12:51:20AM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
    > The autoconf macro SANE_CHECK_U_TYPES in sane-backends/acinclude.m4
    > fails on Tru64 unix 5.1 when using Compaq C v6.3-28 (ie cc). The
    > faulty line uses a compiler flags I've never seen before, and which is
    > not recognized by Compaq C:

    Oops. I wanted to include this header file. Don't know why I missed
    that while testing.

    > The '-isys/bitypes.h' is passed on to the linker, and it refuses to
    > use it and fails. I suggest changing macro to set a flag
    > (NEED_SYS_BITYPES_H parhaps), and the to include the file in
    > sane/config.h when needed.

    This won't work. Tru64 can't compile sane because it defines u_int8_t
    and the like only in sys/bitypes.h (not in sys/types.h). These can't
    be detected by AC_CHECK_TYPE. But sys/bitypes.h will be included by
    netinet/in.h (abckend/net.c). The code in ac_include.m4 should check
    for u_int8_t in sys/bitypes.h and if it's only there, also search in
    sys/bitypes.h when doing the AC_CHECK_TYPE(). Also this file should be
    included in every source file that may contain references to u_int8_t.

    Maybe it works if we do something like

    # include <sys/bitypes.h>
    /* Define to unsigned char' if <sys/types.h> doesn't define. */
    #undef u_int8_t

    /* Define to unsigned short' if <sys/types.h> doesn't define. */
    #undef u_int16_t

    /* Define to unsigned int' if <sys/types.h> doesn't define. */
    #undef u_int32_t

    But I don't know which types are in sys/bitypes.h.

    This problem was posted by a "Major A" on 2001-02-4 on sane-devel.
    After I implemented the (wrong) test I asked him if it works but never
    got any response.

    If you have access to Tru64, could you try if this works?


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