Compiling on OS/2

From: Franz Bakan (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 17:48:07 PDT

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    Now also xcam compiles and works after
    manually adding

    ../../sane-backends/backend/.libs/libsane.a -ljpeg \
    /XFree86/lib/shm.a /emx/lib/syslog.a /emx/lib/pthreads.a \

    LIBS= -lm

    But there are some problems:

    When xcam starts it's window is to huge and it's impossible to reach
    the 'play'-button. Is there any parameter that can be set that
    xcam starts with a less window size than 1152x864?

    Second problem is that the default preferences cannot be saved.
    (error creating file. Same problem in xscanimage)


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