Re: umax 2200 hi res scan

From: Oliver Rauch (
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 23:04:13 PDT

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    scc wrote:
    > Hi.
    > It's the *only* way to get good results under Linux with our system. There is
    > a 50 pin on an Adaptec 2904 (yes, not 2940) to a 25 pin that goes into one of
    > the scanner sockets. Under windows, it produces garbage without the
    > terminator.
    > We have wasted months thinking that the scanner was at fault which is why we
    > bought an Epson. At last we have seen why the Umax range are held in such
    > esteem!


    I got a lot of feedback with problems with the Adaptec 2904 card on linux.
    May be you have the chance to get it work with some options for the scsi-driver
     ... I don`t know.

    Do you have the chance to try an other scsi controller?

    I like the ncr53c8xx (ncr = symbios logic = lsi logic) controllers.
    Especially the ncr53c810 controllers have been very interesting for
    scanning (fast scsi => long cables) and have been not too expensive,
    but as far as I know they are not produced any more.

    If possible try the card before you buy one or make sure you can give
    it back when it does not work.



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