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From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 02:32:13 PDT

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    On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 07:52:42PM -0400, Gregory F. March wrote:

    > |Red Hat Linux 7.1's sane package was 1.0.3 plus a number of
    > |fixes. This was one of the fixes. The others were:
    > Thanks for writing. So if I am running 1.0.4 with the latest aic7xxx
    > driver, then I guess you are saying that I should have the fix.


    The Red Hat Linux 7.1 sane package has the fix, which is also in CVS.
    Official 1.0.3 doesn't, and neither does 1.0.4.

    > Is there some more information I can provide to try to debug this?

    Use the Red Hat Linux 7.1 package, or use CVS if you'd like newer
    code, or just apply the sg3timeout patch from the source RPM.


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