acer 640U and sane 1.0.4

From: Shea Martin (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 13:40:13 PST

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    I had my acer 640u working with sane1.0.1. After complete reinstall of debian, I decided I would try and get it working with 1.0.4.

    First I followed these instructions:
    1.Download the USB related files (use Shift + Button1 to save to disk)
        2.'cd' into your sane 1.0.3 backend directory
        3.untar (tar -xzf snapscan-usb.tgz)
        4.remove the '/* */' comments in line 238 of snapscan.c and line 55 of snapscan-scsi.c './configure', 'make', and 'make install' in the sane root directory

    scanimage -L then listed my scanner. Building sane-frontends failed saying it could not run a scanimage test program.

    So I downloaded the snapscane-#######.tgz file, and overwrote the corresponding files in sane-backend-1.0.4/backend.
    ./configure; make; make install.

    Now scanimage cannot detect my scanner at all. find-scanner reports nothing as well.

    the firmware is successfully uploaded, I am stuck.

    ...elbows out,
    stick on the ice!

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