Re: Umax 600s/Adaptec 2906 trouble

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 14:26:20 PST

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    Mark Stewart wrote:
    > > ...
    > > > Any other thoughts, recommendations, etc? Has anyone successfully
    > > > used an Adaptec 2906 card with SANE?
    > >
    > >
    > > it may be a problem of the scsi driver for the Adaptec 2906.
    > > Do you have the chance to try if the scanner works with another
    > > scsi card?
    > Well, I don't actually have any other cards available at the moment. I guess
    > there aren't any SANE users using this particular model? It was the model
    > Adaptec was pushing for Macintosh users so I'm guessing there must be some
    > LinuxPPC users that have one. I'll have to poll that list.
    > If I were to go out and buy a replacement what would you and the rest of the
    > list recommend?
    > >
    > > Did you ever try to scan in lineart or grayscale mode?
    > > Does a preview scan work?
    > I didn't but I will do so and let you know if it changes anything.

    Hi Mark,

    I have one idea that could solve the problem, but I will not be able
    to take a closer look at it within the next days.

    I will keep you informed.


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